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We bought new screens for Matthijs, seems like he sleeps longer now. If we had known...

Since last week, I get up when Matthijs had his first bottle. Normally, we put him back into bed, but he's so awake then that he won't go back to sleep and won't let us sleep either. I gave in and let him play after his first bottle, 1,5 hours later, he's tired enough to go back to sleep. And then, he actually sleeps long enough to get some work done. This way, I've finished writing the modules for school. We had to write 10 of them, I've got 12. Haha. People will hate me. But there will be more work until end of the schoolyear and Habibe won't do much, because of major incompetence. From what I've heard from Jeannette, there won't be any lessons for her next year.
On Monday, I take half of Habibe's class for one hour. The students aren't happy when they have to go back to Habibe. And they were happy to hear that I will take their oral exams.

For my birthday, Henk wants to get me a new bike. On Friday, we went to different stores and I found one that I like. Unforunately, Henk also asked what the electric bike would cost. Hmm, and then the thinking started. Electric bike or not. With an electic bike, I'd be less dependent on Henk and public transport. And I can go to school by bike.
Henk talked with his mother about it (she who has the most luxurious electric bike) and she was all negative. If I go too fast on my bike, Matthijs would get too cold. It's expensive and I don't go that often by bike anyway. Henk got the feeling that she'd be jealous if I get one. WTF?
Yesterday morning, I had lots of time to think about it and I decided that I want the electric bike. Henk thought so too. He's going to pay one half and I the other half. I never buy anything for myself, so why not. Now I have to decide which color (black or off-white) and which color for the child bike seat. (Henk wasn't amused when I said black with yellow seats. :D) I think it's going to be off-white with ocean blue seats.

Matthijs still can't crawl, but he's getting everywhere he wants with rolling and rotating. And he seems to know how he has to roll and rotate to get to a certain place. It's pretty fascinating to see.


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